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BeitragVerfasst am: Sa Apr 16, 2005 18:01:08 
Titel: 2/3 der Canadischen Hercules am Boden!
Antworten mit Zitat

Inefficient purchasing, lack of expertise hampers military: reportat 14:49 on April 15, 2005, EST.STEPHEN THORNEOTTAWA (CP) - Two-thirds of the Canadian military's Hercules aircraft are effectively grounded and the expanding reserve force can't fly aboard the rest because of soaring liability costs, says a defence think-tank.Yet replacing the Hercules, the backbone of the air transport fleet, and other badly needed equipment is years off because the military lacks expertise and efficient procurement practices, says the Conference of Defence Associations."At present, the department has inadequate numbers and expertise . . . to execute the existing capital acquisition plan," the association said in a report to the Commons defence committee."Existing approaches to military acquisitions and a dearth of project expertise lead to the troubling conclusion that transformation of the Canadian Forces . . . would not be possible before the year 2020."The conclusions come as the all-party committee prepares to release a report on military procurement Monday. The panel is expected to say defence purchasing is weighed down in politics and inefficiency.On Tuesday, the government is to release its international policy review, including a major defence policy statement that says Ottawa must "assure" access to long-and mid-range air transport.The Hercules is the military's workhorse, its primary means of heavy air transport, but 19 of 32 were built in the 1960s, the defence association notes."For all intents and purposes, DND has grounded two-thirds of the Hercules tactical airlift fleet," the report says."The remaining aircraft are not allowed to transport reservists, given that the dangers and liability costs are unacceptably high."Air Canada has decided to sell its passenger-and freight-configured 747B Combi aircraft, the association says, so "the government has virtually no credible air transport capability at its disposal."The report alludes to "the pressures a politician would endure during a national disaster as the Armed Forces tender a contract for airlift or wait for allied assistance."February's federal budget set aside money for trucks, medium-lift helicopters and Arctic airplanes, while new mobile-gun systems are also on the way.But the bulk of military purchasing for ships, transport aircraft and other equipment is yet to come. The policy statement to be released on Tuesday promises a document in coming months detailing a major spending program.The conference report says the Defence Department has got to pull up its socks if it's going to see the program to its effective conclusion."In the last six months, those responsible for advancing capital acquisition projects have missed 90 per cent of their milestones," says the report."When that staff was twice its current size, it took 15 years to process major acquisitions."The Commons panel is expected to conclude that four years of political delays imposed by ex-prime minister Jean Chretien contributed to deterioration of the used submarine fleet Canada acquired from Britain in the 1990s.An October fire aboard one of those boats, HMCS Chicoutimi, claimed the life of a navy lieutenant.Many of the purchasing problems lie in government procurement rules.During the tender process for the 1980s purchase of CF-18 fighter jets, only 25 per cent of the specifications focused on the military's technical and operational requirements for the aircraft.Three-quarters of the data the government released to bidders related to industrial benefits, offsets, job creation and technology transfer.The conference warns that if existing public administration practices at DND don't change, "a long period of dormancy awaits many military capabilities."As a consequence, some of these capabilities may be lost."In a recent speech, Defence Minister Bill Graham agreed on the need to streamline military purchasing, saying it must be made a priority. passt zwar nicht ganz so hier dazu, moechte aber einen Sinowatz sager posten den ich heute im kurier-online gefunden habe: "Kaum waren die Russen da, sind schon die ersten Funktion?re der SP? zusammen gekommen. ?berall, nicht nur in Wien."
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